You help Drug ARM make a difference.

It’s that time again! The time when you’re looking forward to being with your family and friends, getting them the perfect gifts and celebrating love, good times and the joyous end of a busy year. But for many, this can be a time of pain, suffering and loneliness – and you have the power to change that this year.

When you donate to us, you provide families with the extra assistance they need around the holidays. From how to handle social functions to how to make sure the family grows stronger together, not further apart - your monthly donation (from $25 to any amount you desire) goes a long way.

As a donor, you help us create a support system for these families that they otherwise would not have access to. We absolutely couldn’t provide our tailored programs and trained counsellors without your ongoing donations, and during the holidays the families appreciate you more than ever.

HOA’s outreach programs and services focus on early intervention, prevention, treatment and recovery, to provide care and compassion to those seeking it. We want to help as many individuals and families as possible to live a full and meaningful life within their community.

We believe that every person can make a difference, and that is why we are reaching out to you. You can help change your community, one family at a time.

Will you join us in our belief this year and donate $25 to give a recovering family the gift of peace of mind during the holidays?

Don’t let Christmas be about suffering.


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